Crisis Communications

In today’s "instant information" society, what was once a manageable public relations issue can quickly develop into a full-blown crisis that could have a devastating impact on your business or organization.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, "Going viral?" With today's blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and other social media platforms, wild rumors and accusations about your organization can quickly become "truth" if left unanswered.ks88017.jpg

Keenan Communications Group has extensive experience in managing crises, including:

  • Organization Restructuring
  • Employee Thefts
  • Employee Deaths
  • Layoffs
  • Legislative Issues
  • Loss of property due to fire or flood
  • Shootings on corporate property
  • Missing Persons
  • Sexual Abuse Cases
  • Business Closings
  • School Closings

Keenan Communications Group will work with you and your team to develop a Crisis Communications Plan that can be implemented immediately in the event of a crisis. KCG will also monitor broadcast, print and social media, so you can stay abreast of positive and negative comments about your organization.

Call KCG today to arrange a consultation meeting to begin the important task of developing your Crisis Communication Plan.

About Keenan Communications Group

Keenan Communications Group will work with you to develop, implement and manage an effective, successful communications plan for your business.

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